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Invotek Operable Walls
The simplicity is in the detail

Operable WallsOperable walls provide the simple solution to those situations where even more flexibility and variation are required within the workspace. The infinite alternatives of finish, acoustic rating and track layout offer the possibility of complete space utilisation and performance.

18mm high-density chipboard is constructed on a timber/steel framework. The internal cavity is filled with acoustic infill depending on level of sound reduction required. Full length SAA interlocking vertical panel edge profiles incorporating a full-length magnetic extrusion. Each panel incorporates top and bottom retractable seals finished black, polyester powder coated with acoustic infill as required. Sprung loaded top and bottom seals.

The panels are fixed in place through a simple half turn of the removable handle inserted into the profile on the panel edge which operates sprung loaded seals. Magnetic seals on the vertical panel profiles allow alignment of neighbouring panels. Final sideways closure is by an internally mounted vertical nose section finished to match the panel face. All moving seals are designed to take up minor deviations in the opening.