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Glasswall Mood launched with integral multi-coloured LED lighting.

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New Invotek Glasswall Mood with integral multi-coloured lights brings colour to glazed partitioning with coloured LED lighting inside the glazed partitions.

RGB LED lights within the head track of the glazed partition can be changed to red, green, blue or white. The colours can be set using the remote control to gradually fade (7 colours), flash (7 colours and 32 speeds), strobe or change colour smoothly.

If a single colour is chosen the light intensity is adjustable (16 levels). The 12V DC SMD high reliability lights have a long operational life of 100000 hours (30+years) and are spaced 36 LEDs per metre. They operate via a 12V/3A power supply. The top area of the glazed partition can glow with a beautiful range of colours.

If a glass sliding door is incorporated into the glazed partition with a glass panel over the door then the bottom edge of the glass panel glows with colour matching the head area of the glazed partition.


For additional information contact:-
Stuart Burton, Director, Invotek – Tel 01202 777848

Date March 14th 2010

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